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Experience Mapping Workshop

Create Your Signature Solution and Design a System in Your Business that Delivers Repeatable, High Level, Results

You are guaranteed to walk away from this workshop with:

  • A customized signature solution for how you deliver your product/service

  • A plan on how to consistently deliver this system to your customers.

  • Removal of the friction that bogs leaders down because of a lack of clarity the team has on the experience that you deliver.

  • You will learn even more cool stuff as well but you need to show up and find out what that is.

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May 19th, 9am-5pm MST

$497 $297 Workshop

+ bonuses ($238 value)

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There is one thing above all others in your industry that will separate you from the other businesses. It’s the experience that you deliver to your customers. 

It’s true that there are businesses that do what you do, but those businesses don’t do it the way that you do it. Your experience comes from your mission, vision, values, outlook on the world and unique set of experiences that you have had over your lifetime. 

My question for you around your experience is this: Are you clear on what your experience is and does your team have a foolproof way to deliver it? If the answer is no then keep reading. 

Experience Mapping is the process of uncovering your signature solution that you deliver to your customers. Once you uncover the solution, then the next step is to create the process to deliver this solution consistently for every person on your team. 

This process creates clarity in your business in the follow ways:

  • Your sales team’s ability to sell clearly and concisely to the right customer. 

  • Your customer has improved expectations about what they are going to get when they work with you. 

  • Your brand is defined and upheld through your experience.

  • Keeps your team from filling the missing gaps that exist in your business with their own interpretation of things. 

  • A designed experience that allows you to play to your businesses’ strengths. 

If you missed our last live coaching/workshop experience, here’s what participants had to say…

“I felt that this was one of the most reflective and vulnerable workshops I've attended. Some of the questions felt difficult or uncomfortable but after the group would discuss them, I felt like I wasn't alone in the things I need to work on and felt a higher sense of self awareness and what that means for my role at work.”

“I would recommend this workshop, it was presented in a way that was easy to follow along and asked excellent questions that really made you think on how to improve. Brandon did an amazing job at presenting, made it fun, asked amazing questions, and while in a group setting made it personal.”

“I would recommend this workshop to others. This workshop is a succinct look at what holds people them a great framework to stop holding themselves back. I received some specific ways to use my time, as a physician leader of a medical practice, within my gifting; to make the biggest impact by working in MY SPECIFIC PURPOSE and by pursuing my passions.”

We are so confident that you will have a similar experience that we guarantee it. If you don’t love the experience, you will get your money back no questions asked. 

Ready to take your experience to another level? Click the button below and get access to our workshop at a discounted rate as well as several bonuses just for registering that will assist you in building a high level experience for your customers.

Bonus #1: Total Experience Design Method - $47 value- This is a document that takes you through all the different elements of building your experience from your habits, your management, all the way to your ability to cultivate and execute on future ideas.

Bonus #2: Experience Map e-Book - $47 value- This is a great supplement to help you with your experience mapping process. The book has sample maps as well as strategies to help you execute on your experience consistently for your team and your customers.

Bonus #3: Team Roster - $97 value - Getting the right people on your team in the right positions is essential to experience delivery. This tool and video gives you insight into where your current team is and what it’s missing.

Bonus #4: Scorecard/Profit Levers - $47 value - Identify the metrics and indicators that help you to see how great a job you are doing in delivering an experience to your customers.

You get all these bonuses free when you register. 

$497 $297 Workshop

+ bonuses ($238 value)

What Past Participants Have Said About the Strategic Business Forum Workshops

The workshop helped me discover limiting beliefs and hidden obstacles that held me back from getting on the same page with my team. It was also nice to disconnect from the daily activities and focus on the big picture. I definitely recommend others attend these workshops!

Miran H.

  • I love opportunities to learn and grow and I'm always looking for more. After attending the workshop I discovered that I need to implement the strategic planning methods in my business. The planning outlines were great! It was a really good gut check and a great refresher of what I know and need to engage. Overall, it was really great information. Thank you!

Brent M.

As a result of attending Brandon's workshop, I discovered that the people in our business are such a vital key to our success. I specifically liked the features on communication and delegation versus relegation. Another benefit of attending is that my personal life can also improve by implementing some of these features. I give it a 10 and recommend others attend.

Mallory S.

After attending the workshop, I discovered I need to say aloud a new direction for my business. It was great discussing and I liked the side deep dive with other participants. I give this workshop a 10 and recommend others attend. 

Andrew K.

The Value of Your Investment is Guaranteed

Look I get just as nervous as you do about plunking down any amount of money for my personal development and the success of my business. I don’t want that to be a serious hang up for you. Our workshops are great and I know they are. We have been at this for over twelve years and we have learned a thing or two over that time about delivering a great experience.

For that reason, if for any reason you are not satisfied with the workshop after attending, we will happily refund your investment to the workshop.

$497 $297 Workshop

+ bonuses ($238 value)

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Where is this workshop?

The workshop is 100% virtual - it is conducted using Zoom or a similar app. You will get all the details when you register to attend!

+ How much does it cost?

The workshop fee is $500 if you are not a client. All current coaching clients can attend for free and former/inactive clients get a 50% discount.

+ What if something happens and I'm unable to participate/attend?

By registering, not only will you still get the recordings and resources but also a credit toward another workshop which we do nearly every month. Of course you can also request a refund and we will make sure you are taken care of. Sometimes things happen and we get it.

+ I have other questions...

Make sure to hit us up on the chat bubble (in lower right) or email us at You can also call anytime 801-618-8005 and we will get your questions ansawered.

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