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  • Access to new tools as we develop them.

  • "Expert series" working sessions with outside specialists in specific domains

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From Brandon Allen...

You started a business to create value in a particular market that you know and love. Getting beyond the work that you love and working on the business can feel overwhelming.

I created this group to give business owners the tools and resources they need to scale their business, create freedom from their business, and serve their customers more than they every thought possible.

Over the course of my career I have:

Helped business owner grow 30% in revenue on average while also growing their net profit percentage.

Retain and build teams and a more predictable level.

​Create more time for things that they love outside of their business.

Over my career I have been in operations for a Fortune 100 company, helped a privately held company make the Inc. 500 as their COO, and coached thousands of business owners to achieve their goals.

I look forward to doing the same for you.

To Your Success,

Brandon Allen

Founder of the New Work Revolution

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What Past Participants Have Said About Working with Brandon

The workshop helped me discover limiting beliefs and hidden obstacles that held me back from getting on the same page with my team. It was also nice to disconnect from the daily activities and focus on the big picture. I definitely recommend others attend these workshops!

Miran H.

  • I love opportunities to learn and grow and I'm always looking for more. After attending the workshop I discovered that I need to implement the strategic planning methods in my business. The planning outlines were great! It was a really good gut check and a great refresher of what I know and need to engage. Overall, it was really great information. Thank you!

Brent M.

As a result of attending Brandon's workshop, I discovered that the people in our business are such a vital key to our success. I specifically liked the features on communication and delegation versus relegation. Another benefit of attending is that my personal life can also improve by implementing some of these features. I give it a 10 and recommend others attend.

Mallory S.

After attending the workshop, I discovered I need to say aloud a new direction for my business. It was great discussing and I liked the side deep dive with other participants. I give this workshop a 10 and recommend others attend. 

Andrew K.